SWSH Shabu

Shabu restaurant located in Irvine, CA

AboutThe Client

Established in 2011

SWSH Shabu Shabu was formed by a group of Shabu Shabu enthusiasts in the Orange County area. A Japanese cuisine, Shabu Shabu directly translates to “swish-swish” due to the swishing sound from submerging thin slices of meat back and forth in boiling kombu (kelp) water.

SWSH, pronounced “swish”, is simple: to provide an enjoyable, healthy dining experience that makes you come back for more. To that end, you will see a wide array of only fresh, quality meats, seafood, vegetables, and fruits served by our friendly and helpful staff. Their homemade ponzu and goma dipping sauces and sukiyaki and kombu soup bases add the finishing touches to a tasty and delightful meal. But that is not all. SWSH believes the ambiance is just as important in providing an enjoyable dining experience. When you walk into SWSH Shabu Shabu, you will see a clean and contemporary style look. Come enjoy the SWSH Shabu Shabu experience yourself.