637 Beauty

Skincare products imported from Korea. Facial Sheet Masks, Serums, Cream

AboutThe Client

637 Beauty - Bio-cellulose Sheet Masks

637Beauty currently offers 5ildongan (within5days) product line and is the exclusive U.S. Distributor. They offer skincare products such as the sheet mask made from bio-cellulose material and anti-aging serum made from 5ildongan.

The website has been carefully developed from the Shopify e-commerce platform. It utilizes intuitive 3rd party applications that create a highly functioning and interactive website experience for customers.

The website has been developed along with a professional photography service to implement to the website as well as handle their social media channels. 637 Beauty has been blueprinted with precision planning to create a smooth startup from the beginning onto today’s market trend competition. With this in mind, ModSession was acquired as their current web developer and social media partner to manage their operation.

Bio-Cellulose Korean Sheet Masks
Bio-Cellulose Korean Sheet Masks
Bio-Cellulose Korean Sheet Masks