637 Beauty

social media, product photos, scenery shots.

AboutThe Client

637 Beauty is an online boutique store that was recently launched in 2018. The ecommerce website offers various trendy accessories, apparel, skincare, beauty and other fashionable items.

The website “637 Beauty” was created from a nostalgic perspective. The numbers 6-3-7 represent a numeric code that was famous during the pager/beeper phase. It translates to “Always and Forever” which is 6, 3, and 7 letters.

Developed from a Shopify ecommrce platform, ModSession was acquired to handle their web development side and social media activity. Photography services were requested occasionally, and below is some samples of photos that were taken by the ModSession team.

About this project

Product photography with mainly white backgrounds to be used on website.

Social media photos for popular channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.