Beauty Mage

beauty, cosmetics, skin care web community board.

AboutThe Client

Beauty Mage was a uniquely designed web forum catered to end users in the cosmetic world. The specific niche would attract primarily an Asian community as it was offered in two languages.

The forum was developed off the vBulletin platform, a highly recommended script that offers a plethora of features and excellent support from its team of developers.

The project was to create a community that allows registered members to interact and discuss anything related in the beauty market. Guest members who haven’t registered were able to lurk and possibly educate themselves with guides and tutorials that other members post on the forum.


About this project

The vBulletin web forum was installed and configured by ModSession. Once everything was set up, minor custom modifications were implemented. Setting up the forum required uploading the files and creating the database.

First, the front end layout was custom coded to envision the way the client requested. This involved, custom color scheme, custom icons, layout altering, and implementing banners that adapted conveniently with the website.

One of the main objectives with the project was to have its native language as well as English to coincide together. A fresh language pack was created with a translator by cross referencing with the default language.

The final touches were completed and a team member provided a thorough training session with the client to familiarize the new vBulletin platform. Most clients will find it a bit overwhelming to learn the forum settings, but we made sure that we were able to guide our client through the process smoothly.