Beyond Motoring Club

Luxury cars, lifestyle , travel, etc. Chinese forum website.

AboutThe Client

BMCi was a project that consisted of an international forum dedicated to the luxury lifestyle. The idea was to create a community for enthusiasts with similar interests and discuss about related topics.

Registered members who own luxury or high end cars would also organize car meets to introduce each other in person and share similar hobby discussions. This would allow members to further their networking reach.

The forum would also invite sponsors to offer registered members specific perks and exclusive discounts as added benefits.


About this project

The community board was developed from the vBulletin platform. It consisted of significant modifications on the front end layout. Notable alterations included, custom category banners for each forum section, and advertising spaces that complimented the layout. Another feature was translating the language in both simplified and traditional Chinese language and importing it into the vBulletin forum.