Dance Showoff

A community for all types of dance, photo/video sharing.

AboutThe Client

Dance Showoff was originally launched in 2008. It is a side project that was to create a community of dancers and the like, to join, share and watch dance related videos. In its infancy phase, the site was under a different name and later changed. The site quickly grew with large amounts of traffic and users. Unfortunately, through the years, the project was delayed where it went through its ups and downs.

Since then, the website has been through many revisions and its share of exposure throughout the web and social media. It thrives to create a unique experience for users that cater the dance niche in video sharing.

Today, it continues to promote and bring the community through the website, and popular social networks. It is an on-going project that hopes to create a destination for all dancers to express their dance talents and share them.

Street Performer: Grafton Street, Dublin

About this project

One of the biggest challenge was to question, “what makes this site different than others?” Aside from Youtube, this project was to aim in providing a user experience that will target visitors who have interest being dance related.

The first concept was to have the ability for users to create a personal profile. This would allow the user to favorite videos, comment, upload/share videos. It also enabled registered members to share their profiles to other websites or networks, that made it niche specific.

The next thing was giving the ability to easily upload videos. Some users may have already shared their videos in different social channels and this can be a repetitive task to redundantly upload in multiple sites. Instead an option to embed or even pasting the url link that was a video network site would be a quick process to post on the website.

The dance website, one could say was a hub for dancers who wished to extend their promoting to popular sites. Eventually, there has been other concepts for the project in the works which is yet to be implemented.