Mosaic Motorsports

Aftermarket car parts & Accessories, e-commerce platform.

AboutThe Client

Mosaic Motorsports was originally established as an online store only, where they eventually outgrew their location and expanded to a retail facility in the late 2012. The company was based in Southern California offering more than 50,000 car parts for virtually every vehicle application imaginable.

It was during this time, that Mosaic Motorsports acquired services through ModSession, having previous experience and knowledge in the car industry as well as the ecommerce platform.

Having a fully operational shopping cart system customized for car parts made their workflow efficient and user-friendly for customers. In just a few short month’s time, a revised version of their shopping cart platform was born.


About this project

Originally, the website was about to be complete based off of a CMS platform. This would have been ideal in a different situation, but the guys envisioned to be able to sustain a growing customer database with a wide range of capabilities. A standard CMS was not to their satisfactory level and ModSession stepped in for initial consultation.

The ground work was laid out of what the original CMS was lacking and why our suggestions was suitable without necessarily breaking their bank. A car parts type of online website is a bit more complex due to the substantial amount of vehicle applications on the market. Our explanation of future long-term goals was the same vision, and the work began.

Car parts is constantly updating and this required a method to export/import data easily, such as via Excel. This allowed quick product loading to the website along with our added spice which helped them upload to Google Base instantly as well. Other notable features were making sure that navigation was smooth and efficient, plus the optimization of the website to upkeep fast loading, and SEO value.

Making sure the site having frequent product updates meant, making sure to stay ahead of the competition. Once the website was complete, other services as SEO (search engine optimization), social media marketing, and traffic building was acquired as well.