Tuners Image

Aftermarket car parts & Accessories, e-commerce platform.

AboutThe Client

Tuners Image was a business that offered aftermarket car parts and miscellaneous accessories. They needed a shopping cart that can handle thousands of items uploaded and operating smoothly.

The team was acquired by them through a referral with the acknowledgement from our history with the car industry and ecommerce. The website was completed with a quick turnaround time due to a time frame for the holidays.

Because we were highly recommended, our expertise in developing a site for them was a project the team gladly accepted. The time of completion with the site was approximately one month and afterwards, the business was already generating revenue.


About this project

This project was a straightforward ecommerce site that catered towards the car market. Some customization were done to the website that allowed user friendly towards the customer and easy admin interface for the client.

The project went as smoothly as planned. The intuitive category navigation made it easy for customers to quickly reach their landing page, easy to comprehend on the product page, and simple quick checkout process. Among the standard shopping cart features, the team also implemented a export/import module that allowed the client to easily upload/update large amounts of data.

Utilizing the export/import module, it allowed the client to use such programs as excel for simple data entry. Other perks featured an enhanced customer order processing on the admin side, with custom shipping variables dependent on weight and the courier.

Finally, the site was bulletproofed with search engine optimization, such as friendly URLs, meta keywords and descriptions. The client hired our services for the creation of their social profiles (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc) and SEO to increase traffic/ranking.