Aura Motorsports

Aftermarket car parts & accessories, e-commerce.

AboutThe Client

In 2011, the client was referred and requested to have an online web store that offers aftermarket car parts for specific vehicle applications.

The e-commerce platform was developed within a budget in mind, but with utilizing most of the functions to operate the business for car parts. The website was focused primarily on functionality while the client touched it up on the front end.

An ideal site that allowed money-making opportunity for the client.

About this project

The e-commerce shopping cart system was developed in 2011 and the services were offered at an affordable price.

The client mainly needed the functionality aspect and user interface to perform the way it was requested with minor aesthetic coding.

The team implemented an export/import tool that allowed the client to upload and products.

The site was also integrated with Search Engine Optimization, custom shipping module that allowed products based on weight, combined shipping, freight and international shipping.