Lighting Option

LED lighting for residential and commercial, ecommerce.

AboutThe Client

Lighting Option is an online retail store that offers LED lighting products to the public. The online store offers wholesale, and lighting catered to residential and commercial purposes.

The website has a wide range of bulb sizes and different applications offered as well as certain popular leading brands.

The store also had other representatives that acquired commercial developmental projects along with the products that was offered.


About this project

The ecommerce was custom designed on the front end with modifications tailored for the client. The logo was designed by an independent contractor who was acquired by ModSession.

All the photographs were professionally taken by the clients referral and later edited by the team members of ModSession. There were some other photos and images that were edited to decorate the sites appearance.

The platform was set up using a modified version of OSCommerce that included a significant number of features beneficial for the clients needs. Some of these things included a payment module, shipping method, and product attributes specifically ideal for the niche.

The admin interface contained a order processing system and simple to use system for customer to business checkout process. Wholesale and Retail groups were created for two separate pricing structures, as well as quantity discount pricing.