Shave Ice Supplies

Shave ice accessories and machines, e-commerce.

AboutThe Client

Since 1983, HTK Hawaii Inc, has been successfully operating from Hawaii, offering shave ice accessories, machines and other related shaved ice products to customers.

HTK Hawaii Inc, has been our longest acquired client and has dedicated our trust and confidence throughout the years with our services. Many websites were built and maintained through us and continue to do our best in serving.

For over 8 years, Shave Ice Supplies has been operating with an e-commerce platform that has evolved as web trends shifted towards it. Along with occasional upgrades, they have also acquired SEO and internet marketing services to increase their exposure.


About this project

The latest project was to revamp the e-commerce website with updated coding and features. Keeping up with the latest web trends is crucial for security purposes and keep the website fresh.

The layout and front end has received a facelift with intuitive navigation and checkout process. The flavors product pages contained an easier option to choose the big selection of flavors and addition of adding quantity on the same page for easy cart adding.

All existing products, images, and content were migrated over to minimize workload on the client in re-adding the products to the website. An upgraded admin interface enables clients to easily monitor and update the websites along with its customers.

Custom modifications were also implemented, such as an enhanced order processing system, shipping option, and customer loyalty discounts. Finally, the site was optimized with fine tuning the site and other implementations.