Vivid Smoke

social media, product photos, scenery shots.

AboutThe Client

Vivid Smoke was first launched in 2009 as an online retailer offering electronic cigarettes. The primary products offered was the Joye 510 ecig available in limited color selections. It was introduced by partners who were impressed by its technology to help them and friends to deter themselves from smoking.

The website was first built off of an OSCommerce platform and the online store was around for approximately 1-2 years. A few years passed and in late 2013, the store was “rebooted” with completely new product catalog and website revamp.

The website was developed using a different platform with many modifications to favor the customers with benefits for customers and efficiency on the client side. The earlier stages also included photographs, social media images, and other photo edits through ModSession. Today, individual team members currently work closely with the company on their social media, SEO and other minor services.

About this project

Product photography with mainly white backgrounds to be used on website.

Social media photos for popular channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.